Raga Yaman


Pandit Krishna Bhatt's performances of Hindustani ragas have won the admiration of audiences in India, Asia, Europe and North America. Receiving his training from his father Pt. Shashi Mohan Bhatt and subsequently from Pandit Ravi Shankar, his innovative style of music combines a rich blend of Gayaki (vocal) and Tantrakari (instrumental) techniques and musical compositions. His music is noted for its virtuosity, originality and depth of feeling that is conveyed to the listeners. 

A rare luminary of Indian classical music, Pandit Anindo Chatterjee has attained new heights in the art of tabla playing. Trained from his early childhood by Guru Padmabhusan Jnan Prakash Gosh, Anindo has developed a unique style expanding upon his vast knowledge of the tradition. Both technically and artistically, he is a milestone for future generations to follow. 

Accompaniment on Tanpura - Andrew Mendelson

Produced by The Biryani Boys on location at Soapbox Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, 2013. All Rights Reserved.

David Freeman